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-This is a post that one of our most active Bronies on Facebook Made.  I think he is correct about everything.-

Okay, so I tripped on over to Funnyjunk to check out the massive anti-pony flame war there. Ya know, I've seen this sort of rhetoric before. I've seen it among anime fans. I've seen it from civil war re-enactors. I've seen it in election campaign ads. I've seen it in grainy videos from terrorists and would-be terrorists. It makes me sad that I'm seeing it in our community. Yes, some bronies are responding to hate with more hate. That is not the answer.
I actually had to unplug for a bit and soak in the real world to clear my head. Plus, I'd missed lunch, so I was hungry. But I also got a chance to think, and try to figure out, what is the best thing to do when confronted by intractable hatred?

Some people will not change their minds. Ever. I won't debate the reasons for their close-mindedness here, because that would lead to judgement, and a judgmental attitude would wreck this community fast, quick, and in a hurry. Oddly enough, most bronies recognize and accept the fact that not everyone is going to love this show. People are people after all, with the wide range of tastes and responses that implies.

The default answer is "I'm gonna love and tolerate the s*** out of you." Well and good, but I've seen a wide spectrum of responses applied under that banner. What we need is a unified response. So what should that response be?

I've used that word "response" a number of times now. I'm going to unload some Stephen Covey's 7 Habits on you, I hope you don't mind. The first habit is "Be Responsible". Dr. Covey breaks down that word like this: response-able, in other words, having an ability to choose one's response. The lesson here is that if you respond to hate in a like tone, then you've ceded that ability to the hater, who now controls the tone and direction of the thread. The troll wins. Rule 14 (Don't argue with trolls, it means they win) was made for a reason. So I'm here, oddly enough, to ask for a little more responsibility.

I feel the best way to derail a hate thread is to change the tone. Control your responses, rather than letting the hater do it for you. So here's some simple rules to remember:

1) Giggle at the Ghostly

Pinkie Pie makes an incredibly valid point with her song. I have actually successfully used this tactic against professional haters. Story time: A friend and I were in NYC for Fleet Week. While walking around Manhattan, we happened across some j*** on a street corner preaching racial hatred. He had a small audience around him and a tiny group of supporters, mostly glaring at each other because that's all they could do – the police were on scene as well. My friend and I started laughing at everything this guy said. People around us were initially surprised, but quickly caught on, and some even began to join in. I could see the speaker becoming flustered – he was counting on an angry reaction, he hadn't counted on being made the butt of a joke, and it drove him nuts. Pretty soon more people were laughing at him, and he and his supporters gave up and left, laughter ringing in their ears, no doubt. So you see, it WORKS!

2) Don't try to convert the hater.

That just adds fuel to one of their main talking points, namely that we insist on being tolerated, but we don't tolerate them. If they show interest, fine, but don't insist that they have to watch the show themselves so they can understand. If they are mature and open-minded enough to discover a little love for a TV show, they will, but trying to convert them is only likely to make them dig in deeper. "I'm sorry you feel that way" works wonders. Again, don't adopt their tone, change it.

3) Sometimes the best response is no response.

For those really over-the-top haters, the ones who post obvious hyperbole like "All ponyfags must be exterminated", there is really nothing you can or should say to them. It's an extremist point of view, and is probably unassailable. If the website offers the option, flag the post as spam or abuse, and move along smartly.

The key point in all of this is to not let the haters get to you. Don't fall for their little games. Don't be sucked in by their obnoxious tricks. Do maintain a respectful tone, do support each other, and do be proud of who you are, no matter what they say. This isn't an exhaustive list, of course, and no doubt others will have lessons from their lives they want to add. I sincerely welcome that. This is a discussion board, after all.

I love this community!

-John Roberts

I agree totally with those points.

It's what i do.

And i encourage every brony, filly, colt and MLP fan to do the same against hater threads. We cannot respond with HATRED and violence. The only time i got mad was because the Fox News Red Eye stuff but that's it, and that's because a series of variables that where involved since it was not trolling, it was bullying.

Anyway, those 3 points are great. It's on what im working for since the beginning of this.
I hope more bronies follow this ones.

Most of the haters GAVE up, they know they won't be able to stop our community. So their answer is "an exodus" to a non-pony infected place so they can "repopulate", but sooner or later Ponies will spread to them. And also they won't be able to recreate the effectiveness of a previous community without experience and knowledge of the first one, not to mention the 1/1000 or 1/10000 members of that community. So they are trapped in their own delusions.

Other problem we have is that people still attached to 4CHAN. If you want to be a "PONY" you can't relate anymore to those sites and quote "/b/ , /co/, /r/, etc" stuff. There is even new people that associates bronies to /b/ and colts to /co/ imageboards, this must stop. We now are auto sustained since January this year we no longer need 4chan or KYM or whatever place to spread. Nor even those places are centrals for our Fandom, oh pardon me, SUBCULTURE. So move on, we have our pony imageboards and thousands of pony sites. Even if Hasbro stops producing FiM we are now auto sustained, a Stand-Alone Complex so forget the attachment to those places. We are now a subculture that spreads towards everything on internet and in real life. Too much negativity associated with this 4chan site, that must stop. IM NOT SAYING STOP VISITNG THEM, JUST STOP QUOTING THEM AS OUR MAIN SOURCE, ITS OUR ORIGIN BUT NOT OUR CENTRAL ANYMORE.

As a general response to all haters in general, specially the podcast and article trollers; My idea is to finally make a GOOD ACCURATE article about our origins, about what means now the Subculture, about our media generation, about all stuff we bronies and fans made on all fronts. Even the culture impact and influence on people and artists/VIP like the Bill Clinton NPR show, deadmau5, lady gaga, weird al yankovich, etc. We need a complete subculture article since our beginning till today to present it at news stations, present it as a source, and to make a Wiki article based on that one. Because if we don't do that Wired . com article and troller stuff will become official part of our "history" when documented by real researchers, thus giving more room for haters and trolls to quote that and increase the hate everywhere. Sady I don't have good writing or grammar skills so I can't do it myself. But we need this ASAP to ensure that hatred will become less hostile instead of spreading.

Lastly im proud to be a Brony, my story is not like most of yours, I didn't started as a hater nor a family guy watching cartoons with their kind or family. It's a story of darkness and sadness, hackers, hatred, racism, family issues and illegal stuff. So when they ask me what FiM means to me, it's not like im gonna deny it as some people do saying "I just love the great animation and non-childish content in general". I say "YES i love it because it changed my life forever, it's like I was reborn onto a different person with this series and all things behind it. I worship FiM because it's the greater good that exists in this world and spreads lots of moral values to everyone everywhere and they can relate to it no matter who they are. I like it because it's a strong beam of light in an already darkened world. And I hope everyone could watch at least one episode of this series." Just to mention little stuff of what I would say on an interview or FAQ session. So be proud to be a Brony, answer with honesty why you are into it so much. All of us have different reasons from nostalgia of what real friendship could be or a peaceful life, to a meme worshiping slowly converting people to harsh fans that appreciate show for what it is and not just a meme.

Bronies Forever. BroHoof Forever.


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